Japanese rock star Kiyoshirou Imawano died
>We learnt today that huge Japanese rock star Kiyoshirou Imawano died of cancer, aged 58. Even if you do not know his name, you probably know his face....


Singer songwriter and sometimes actor Kiyoshirou Imawano was best known for being part of numerous bands, particularly of RC SUCCESSION, with the members of which he recorded not less than 22 singles and 19 albums between 1970 and 1990, or of THE TIMERS. After RC took a break, Imawano got involved in many other projects, and he launched his successful solo career during which he recorded 22 albums under different pseudonyms.

Born for the stage, he was suddenly stopped in the middle of his career by a throat cancer in 1986. But this did not prevent him from keeping on performing regularly throughout Japan. His medical treatment did not stop the cancer spread, and Imawano eventually died today, aged 58, after 3 long years fighting.
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